OpenERP Architecture


OpenERP is written in python and the architecture is using MVC (model, view, controller) concept.
OpenERP is using PostgreSQL and can be self-hosted (no DBMS installation is require)

Model - The role of model is to manage the database using ORM mapping (required
Controller - The role of controller is to become a bridge between Model and View. (required xml)
View - The role of view is to populate the User Interface that will interact with the user. (Eg. button, list view, form view, and etc) - (required XML)
_ _openerp_ - contains the information of the module and module dependencies (depends tag)

All of the module name are stored at
  1. openerp/addons/<module name>


  • Tryton - Competitor of OpenERP
  • flask - Tryton underlying engine.
  • sudo nano <module filename> -Sample command to edit file
  • Werkzeug - OpenERP underlying engine