GUI of tree view

tree view UI.png

Tree view in xml


  • record require two attributes
    • id - unique id is require to connect to the action
    • model - view class that is going to inherit. required scheme of ir.ui.view can be checked from the database
  • field require three attributes
Attribute name
name = "name"
The tree view title name. Eg. Student Tree is the title of the tree view
name = "model"
The model that will be mapped to the tree view. Eg. college.student
name = "arch" type="xml"
Contains the view type of the record. The information is represented in xml. Following are the attribute nodes that are available.* tree
  • form

  • tree require two attributes
    • string - change the field label. Note that this label is also used in the search view
    • version - opener version. Avoid any mismatch after client upgraded openerp version
    • <field> - required the name attribute which will bind to the model's field name. In this example the field name is linked to college.student model.