Window action in xml

  • record require two attributes
    • id - unique id is require to connect to the action
    • model - action class that is going to inherit. required scheme of ir.action.act_window can be checked from the database

  • field require five attributes

Attribute name
name = "name"
The action name
name = "type"
The action type available in ir.action.act_window
name = "res_model"
The model that will be mapped to the form view. Eg. college.student
name = "view_mode"
Contains the view type that supported by the action.

one model → muliple menus > multiple actions > multiple formview and list view
Example: Please refer to phone call under the Sale > Phone calls > logged calls
name = "view_id"
default reference to the view that need to display first. Eg. view_student_tree