Basic Step for installing OpenERP

Setup Linux System (Recommended)

  1. Operating System - Ubuntu 12.0.4 (Recommended)
    • OpenERP can run on linux,
  2. Type following command by sequence
    1. sudo apt-get update
    2. sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
    3. sudo apt-get install postgresql
    4. sudo su - postgres
      • postgres is the default username of postgresql
    5. createuser --createdb --username postgres --no-createrole --no-superuser --pwprompt <openerp>
      • Need to enter password two time for confirmation
      • <openerp> is a existing linux username
    6. Exit
  3. Setup python dependencies of openerp
sudo apt-get install python-dateutil python-docutils python-feedparser python-gdata \
python-jinja2 python-ldap python-libxslt1 python-lxml python-mako python-mock python-openid \
python-psycopg2 python-psutil python-pybabel python-pychart python-pydot python-pyparsing \
python-reportlab python-simplejson python-tz python-unittest2 python-vatnumber python-vobject \
python-webdav python-werkzeug python-xlwt python-yaml python-zsi
4. Install pgadmin3 (GUI of postgresql) or webmine
    • sudo apt-get install pgadmin3

Installing OpenERP

  1. To install OpenERP type following command
    1. wget
    2. sudo tar -xvf openerp-7.0-latest.tar.gz (unarchive the zip file)

Bring up OpenERP server

  1. Change directory to where OpenERP is installed then turn on the server, following is the example command
    1. cd openerp-7.0-20131209-002402 (location which OpenERP is installed)
    2. ./openerp-server (Turn on OpenERP)
  2. To use OpenERP, first open a browser then type in following is the address column, OpenERP main page will appear if the server successfully bring up

First time user/ create new database

  1. To create new database to work
    1. Click on "Manage Databases" string at the main page
    2. Under the "create" page, with title "Create a New Database" key in the necessary information
      • Master password - will be the admin password, which is "admin"
      • Database name - name for the database that working on
      • Load demonstration data - ????
      • default language - language for the openERP system
      • Password - will to login into the created database

Testing OpenERP

  1. Goto Apps
  2. Install OpenERP Apps (Eg. sales management)
  3. Create a user without any error and OpenERP is ready!!!!!!!!!


  1. Should create the libraries and module checklist
  2. Incompatible version of libraries and module always cause the installation failed.